About Me

Hello and welcome to WhoaZone! I hope that this website offers you and your program everything you are looking for and then some in terms of your equine needs. My name is Skye, and I am the owner of WhoaZone. Please feel free to email or call me anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions. I would love to hear from you! You are probably wondering where the idea for WhoaZone came from… I will tell you a little bit about myself and my background. I have been a horse lover since before I could walk or talk. I firmly believe that you are born with equine fever – a relatively incurable disease ? I rode hunter and dressage horses in my middle school days, then moved to a western performance focus – cowhorses and cutters when the jumps got too big for my mother to stomach.I also was juggling a swimming career with the USA National Teams which lead me to the great state of Texas….

After school, I went on to work in high volume equine sports medicine practices first as a technician and then as anesthesiologist. I have 10 years experience of working with elite performance athletes keeping them sound and happy, rehabbing from injuries, the emergency colic situations, sports and injury related surgery, and sat in on the reading of thousands of radio graphs. I recently stepped away from equine sports medicine in early 2015 with the arrival of our daughter Savannah Rein. I decided I wanted to stay home and give her my undivided attention and was lucky to blessed to be able to do so. The concept of WhoaZone has been in my head along time, but never had the time to dedicate to its development and creation. This was the perfect opportunity to bring this “concept” to life.

I fell in love with the sport of reining watching the great Shawn Flarida win on the immortal Wimpys Little Step. There was something about those two and their performances that struck a chord with me. Shortly after watching them, my mother and I purchased a young stallion out of Washington that was a Nu Chex To Cash grandson and that was the beginning of the end. My focus on creating a small reining program was in full force. We now stand Solanos Kicker, a son of Texas Kicker and This Guns For Nic – a stellar son of Katie Gun.

Now for WhoaZone — I have wanted to create a unique marketing portal for the western performance horse for quite sometime. With the development of genetic testing, even better digital xrays, access to video with one click, magic cross statistics etc. I wanted to create a place where YOU the horse owner can access all of this information on the stallion you are considering, or your potential next dream horse in one place. I also wanted to create a platform for you to promote your stallion, training program, or sale horse with maximum exposure, and information available to your potential client base all in one spot. We will be utilizing the power of social media to further exposure as well to our deluxe and platinum level package clients. An app for phones is also being developed to make it that much easier to access your horse from anywhere anytime.

I have developed extensive networks of relationships across the globe both in the reproduction based aspect of the industry, as well as sale networking sending horses all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Norway, Australia, France and beyond. We will also offer full service marketing for your sale horse that will give those horses maximum exposure via print, internet, social media, cross posting via industry colleagues, etc. our goal being making the process of selling/buying as easy and smooth as possible with results on a rewarding time table. I truly hope you enjoy WhoaZone. Thank you for checking out the site and partnering with us in the future of equine marketing.

Howdy Guys! My name is Emily and I am the “RHL” or Right Hand Lady of WhoaZone. Skye and I have been friends for more than six years and when she approached me about starting this venture with her there was no question on my end about joining the WhoaZone team! I have always been obsessed with horses and went through the “horse crazy phase” like most young girls do. Unfortunately for my parents, the phase never went away. I started my horse career learning to ride jumpers and then after joining 4-H, tested out the performance horse world. I starting my first job at fourteen years old cleaning stalls and teaching lessons at a local boarding facility in order to earn enough money to pay for my first horse. And as you know, the rest is history. The summer after my freshmen year in high school I started working as an on the job trained technician at a high volume equine sports medicine & surgery practice in town. From lameness, to surgery, to ICU, and then finally to running anesthesia… I was truly blessed to gain immeasurable experience in the world of veterinary medicine and horsemanship during my time at that practice. It was there I met Skye, a fellow technician, and quickly struck up a lifelong friendship centered around our shared passion for the horse. We have spent many a night together in colic surgery or nursing sick foals back to health!

After graduating from high school I went on to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology and graduated with my associates degree in 2015. I passed my licensing examination and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the great state of Texas and married my high school sweetheart, Brandt, all in the fall of 2015. Needing an opportunity to continue to learn and grow in my career, I left the private practice world and started my job as a Large Animal Operating Room Technician at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital this past year. It has been a huge blessing. The possibilities are endless here! In my spare time…I work on the nuts and bolts of WhoaZone operations! Even though some of my duties don’t directly involve the horse, I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the western performance horse world and can’t wait to continue to learn. Watching WhoaZone grow from an idea in Skye’s head to fruition has been a dream come true. We are zealous in the desire to help you succeed by enabling you to find everything you need to feed your passion for the horse, all in one place. Although Skye can probably answer your questions better than myself, please never hesitate to call/email/facebook me if you are unable to contact her. Thank you for choosing WhoaZone as your marketing tool! We are so glad to have you!