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2016 Sales – A Deeper Look At Reining Industry Trends

I will admit it. If you know me, you know I am a reining and pedigree statistic geek. I enjoy reading these stats more than the daily news. It’s my guilty pleasure. I love reading it more than city folks love reading the New York Times probably. I enjoy soaking up the knowledge of producing and performing pedigrees, and learning how they correlate to the market. Then regurgitating all these facts later in discussions with friends, customers, and business partners. Statistics are black and white. They don’t lie and they don’t include personal opinion. They DO state facts that are a great foundation for creating marketing plans.

The “Quarter Horse News Sale Horse Price Guide” is one of my favorite reads. They provide you the knowledge of published sale records – average sale prices, most popular sires, trending maternal lines and more. If you don’t subscribe to the Quarter Horse News magazine, and you enjoy some serious in depth knowledge; I highly recommend it!

I found the published sale results quite interesting for the year 2016. The guide features all three disciplines – Reining, Cutting, and Cowhorse. They break the disciplines down into age groups from weanlings to age 4+ that are sold through public sales. The first component that strikes me is the amount of money available in cutting in contrast to reining. The statistics are jaw dropping. There is good reason why the cutting stallions and mares have much larger numbers after their names in terms of show record and earnings.

For example – Super star cuttings sire Metallic Cat was the leading sire of 2016 in terms of dollars brought in public sales. He sired $4.4 million dollars worth of sale horses in 2016 — in all there were 153 horses sold, averaging $29k per head. Those are staggering statistics. His stud fee is $10,000. So if  “three times the stud fee” rule stands true, this is a good average for public auction. We know private sale prices are usually higher on average than public sale prices – which is a good thing.

In contrast the #1 Reining sire in 2016 in terms of horses sold in public sales is GunnaTrashya. His foals brought $536,000+ — 22 offspring total averaging $24,382 in all. Still very solid numbers. GunnaTrashya’s fee in 2018 is $3,750 and his book is always full early in the year. If you consider the investment to return ratio, this is a great set of statistics.

So, let’s compare these two leading sires a little further to learn more about the size of each industry.

Metallic Cat sired over $4.4 Million. In contrast, Gunnatrashya’s get sired just 12% of that number at $536k. However, the difference in the average selling price is a mere $5,000. But, the risk factor is much smaller it seems in reining stallions in terms of investment up front in stud fees. Here is where it gets interesting. The profit margin on the averages of these two stallions is still at $20,000.  Remember though, these are averages of sale prices and profits. Not everyone is making $20,000/head. Very interesting nonetheless that these two sires mirror each other in terms of sale results, but on different scales related to industry size. It has been said that the cutting industry is fifteen times the size of the reining industry – which explains the sliding scale between sires.

Let’s get back to the reiners. Here are some stats via Quarter Horse News on average sale prices, leading sires in terms of dollars sold at public auction, and trending breeding within the industry in terms of published sale results in 2016.


Stallion Total Sales                # Sold and Average

Gunnatrashya $536,000 22 — $24,382
HollywoodsTinseltown $468,600 29 — $16,159
Gunners Special Nite $448,000 31 — $14,452
Gunner $382,700 16 — $23,919
Smart Spook $334,900 18 — $18,806
Yellow Jersey $285,400 20 — $14,270
Wimpys Little Step $265,400 18 — $14,744
HF Mobster $260,800 28 — $9,314
Shining Spark $232,500 4 — $58,145
Lil Joe Cash $182,300 15 — $12,153
Shine Chic Shine $170,900 10 — $17,090
Magnum Chic Dream $155,000 7 — $22,143
Topsail Whiz $153,000 8 — $19,125
WimpysNeedsACocktail $146,700 11 — $13,336
Cromed Out Mercedes $134,500 24 — $5,605
Walla Walla Whiz $131,200 11 — $11,927
Spooks Gotta Gun $86,200 8 — $10,775
Gunners Tinseltown $78,400 6 — $13,067
Einsteins Revolution $72,40 6 — $12,067
Electric Code $71,000 8 — $8,975


Not Ruf At All $70,000 3 — $23,333
Hollywood Dun It $69,000 6 — $11,500
Pale Face Dunnit $68,700 5 — $13,740
Whizkey N Diamonds $64,000 8 — $8,063
Smart Like Juice $55,000 3 — $18,333
Smoking Whiz $51,000 3 — $17,000
Spooks Gotta Whiz $45,450 6 — $7,575
Hang Ten Surprize $42,750 4 — $10,688


I am going to take these numbers a little bit deeper. Let’s look at prevalence of maternal blood in this group of stallions. Can you guess the common denominator of 32% of these trending sires in terms of maternal lines in their pedigree? Take a good look….

You guessed it — Katie Gun. 32% of the industry’s most popular sires have ONE mare in common – think about that. How many mares in reining have this large of an impact for generations? Offspring in public sales carrying her blood brought over $1.9 Million to the industry and they averaged over $21,000. The power of this ONE mare is always impressive no matter how you look at it.

Remember when reading the above numbers that these are also public sale numbers. These are not private sale numbers. They are however a great set of statistics to keep in mind when making choices for your mares!

Moving on….. I will list the top 20 selling reiners bringing over $25,000 in 2016 in public sales – their pedigree, sale price. Etc!

Horse & Pedigree Sale Price

Shiners Crown Jewel – 2010S – Shining Spark x Cattilion $122,000
I Love ya – 2015M – GunnaTrashya x Love Em Lena $100,000
Shine Dot Shine – 2014S – Shine Chic Shine x Sugar Dot Gun $100,000
Make It In Hollywood – 2014S – HollywoodsTinseltown x SR Mischief Maker $88,000
Slidin Spark – 2015S – Shining Spark x Sliden Wright By $80,000
SmartSpookTinseltown – 2014S – HollywoodsTinseltown x Snap Crackle Spook $80,000
Gunners Bar Fly – 2014m – Gunner x Blonde At The Bar $78,000
Guns In Your Face – 2015S – Yellow Jersey x Gunners Doll Face $78,000
Cinerellas Got Guns – 2014m – Gunners Special Nite x Lolitas Cinderella $75,000
Custom Freeze – 2015S – SG Frozen Enterprize x Custom Nifty Nic $72,000
LadysDreamOfBlueEyes – 2015S – Magnum Chic Dream x Check Your Gun Lady $63,000
Cromed Trash – 2015S – Gunnastrashya x Unquestionably Crome $55.000
KR Resolution – 2014S – Einsteins Revolution x KR Legacy $50,000
Missin My Tinsel – 2014M – HollywoodsTinseltown x Coronas Missin Star $46,000
SpookNeedsACocktail – 2014S – WimpyNeedsACocktail x Snap Crackle Spook $45,000
WimpysHollywoodChic – 2014m – Wimpys Little Step x Sheza Hollywood Chic $43,000
GunnaSparkya – 2015m – Gunnatrashya x Shiney Lil Hickory $42,000
Waltzing Spook – 2015m – Smart Spook x Shining Dancer $42,000
Not Tuf At All – 2015m – Not Ruf At All x Undeniably Dun It $41,000
Good Lil Whiz – 2015m – Topsail Whiz x A Bueno Poco Dun It $40,000

In all – 9 of the Top 20 High selling horses in 2016 were mares. That same dominant mare above — Katie Gun — was present in over 30% of these pedigrees. It’s undeniable she is them most influential mare in reining of all time.

In reflection – what do these stats tell me? Reining industry is growing and the profit margins are alive and well. I will look deeper into the magic crosses and pedigrees on these sale horses in a later posts. So stay tuned!!!

Questions I want to answer — How do the produce/performance records on the dam side impact the total sale average of these stallions? How many of these stallions are trending in the private sale markets? How many stallions are “out producing” with mares with little to no records to their own names? How many mares are these trending stallions breeding each year? Finally, what up and coming stallions are trainers eager to have offspring by in their own barn?


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